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Heuristics of Software Testability (in Japanese)

Part of the work I’m doing just now is helping developers to increase their testing skills to handle the bandwidth that my team can’t. I asked Yuka Horino, one of my colleagues to translate James Bach’s Heuristics of Software Testability into Japanese as one of the things to distribute to our dev group. (Thanks Horino-san!)

This sort of thing is probably useful to a wider group than just the people I work with, so here it is. Enjoy.

Heuristics of Software Testability (Japanese)

4 thoughts on “Heuristics of Software Testability (in Japanese)

  1. Roseann, If you haven’t already, I’d start by googling on keywords around Japanese website ux and localization. A quick search brought up the following, but I’m sure there’s more out there if you dig:
    I would suggest though that the majority of sources for Japanese website design would be in Japanese.

  2. Ben, I have an interest in Heuristics, Software and Japanese. I lived in Kinshicho, Tokyo for many years. First time I have seen Heuristics and Software Testing side by side. I like your blog.

  3. Hi Eddy, thanks for dropping by.
    Kinshicho is not a bad area. Handy if you like watching sumo 🙂
    The context-driven school of software testing believes that heuristics and software are inextricably linked. A quick search on software testing heuristics should reveal enough material to keep you busy for quite some time.

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